Every Country’s Favourite Fashion Brand

We all have our own favourite fashion brands, but when it comes to the best-loved brands and retailers by country, which come out on top?

We’ve looked at Google search data to reveal which fashion brands are the most popular (and most searched for) in each country around the world.

Global Fashion Giants

Globally, the fashion game is dominated by five big names: retailers ASOS, H&M, Forever 21 and giants Nike & Adidas, who of course offer so much more than sportswear.

Interestingly, ASOS come out as the favourite brand in 52 countries around the world, Nike in 46, Adidas in 42, H&M in 22 and Forever 21 in 17.

It’s ASOS which is favourited by those in the UK, whereas the USA’s most-searched fashion brand is Forever 21.

Luxury Fashion Favourites

Based on the fact that as the global map was so heavily dominated by five huge brands, we also decided to strip things down to look solely at ‘luxury’ fashion brands too, where the likes of Gucci (110 countries), Tommy Hilfiger (25 countries), Louis Vuitton (15 countries) and Balenciaga (14 countries) reign supreme.

In the UK, it’s Ted Baker which comes out as the most-searched luxury fashion brand, whereas in the USA it’s Louis Vuitton.

Using an initial list of popular fashion brands, the average number of monthly searches was collected using the Keyword Explorer Tool at ahrefs.com for each one of these across 171 countries, excluding a small number for which search data was unavailable.

The ahrefs.com Keyword Explorer data was utilised over Google Ads’ Keyword Planner due to the accuracy of search volumes against those in Google Keyword Planner.

Ahrefs.com’s search volume data that has been collected from clickstream is paired with existing search volume data (from Google Keyword Planner) on a model that gives a very accurate search volume for almost any keyword.